Home of Cataclysm Titan

Welcome to the home of Cataclysm Titan, an audio story that develops based on the choices and actions of a community of listeners like you.
The story has not yet begun, and as such details are sparse and not much is known (or created) for the world. For now all we know is that we are in 2018, and things are normal. Something is coming …a world-changer, however nobody seems aware of it.

How Does It Work?

  • Pre-launch
    • We create a world, and give it a reason to exist for our story.
    • We gather our cast of characters – submitted by the community.
    • We curate and choose our characters, and then vote on which ones enter our story.
  • Chapter 1
    • Our audio story begins, our characters are introduced, our stage is set.
    • The chapter ends with choices – what happens next, what do characters do, etc.
  • Choices
    • The community is given scenarios to choose from, character actions to influence, events to occur.
  • Chapter 2
    • The audio story plays out, based on the choices the community has made.
  • …and so on
Imagine watching your favourite TV show, or movie, or reading your favourite book. Imagine being able to influence the actions of your favourite, or most hated characters, wipe out a disliked storyline, or make something unexpected happen.
These are the options available in a drama such as Cataclysm Titan.