Main Characters

The Muncy family has a proud American military background, one that Evan himself could not follow-in due to having asthma. Evan resents this, and considers himself a soldier that was never given a chance to follow his ancestors. The Cataclysm may be the the battle he was born to take part in.

Home: Arkansas

One of four brothers, George is a 16yr old New Zealand-born teenager living in Australia. When a giant appeared in Wellington, his father decided to take him and his three brothers back to family in New Zealand.

Home: Australia

Prominent language and culture professor, and author of Linguistic Etymology of East African Tribes.

Home: New England

JD works for a local pizza joint in, and spends the rest of his time playing video games in the bedroom he shares with his brother, CJ.

Home: San Francisco

Jena has lived between foster homes and the streets her entire life. As an orphan, Jena has become a survivor and suspicious of most. She has a rough and tough exterior, doesn’t mince her words, and bears the scars (literally) of her life bouncing between homes and abusive individuals.

Home: Baltimore

Weed dealing teenager who lives in the basement of his mother’s (and step-father’s) house. Josh is an intelligent kid with decent grades, having taken after his father who now lives in Chicago with Josh’s sister. He isn’t a fan of his step-dad Rick, but keeps to himself and makes his money.

Home: San Francisco

Son of Lord Nightingale, a prominent and influential British aristocrat. Thomas is also the CEO of an international shipping company, and a National Security Advisor. He lives in the shadow of his father, and yearns to be recognised for his own accomplishments.

Home: England

Wangera is an intelligent young woman and daughter of Maasai tribe Chieftain in south Kenya. Though her father, and the tribe, believe the giants are gods from African culture, she believes – and feels – that they are far from gods. In fact, she knows that she has seen them before, somehow remembering a time when giants walked the Earth.

Home: Kenya

Daughter of Iranian parents, and being quietly pushed to live up to their successes, Yasmina became a culture student of King’s College London. Fiercely smart and independent, she currently studies the Maasai peoples of Kenya.

Home: London